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Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery Set to Debut New Waitressville Costume

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After the recent tenth birthday of Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, Kilt Girls and Guys have something extra to celebrate. April 2015 marks the debut of an updated costume that enhances the iconic tartan plaid the Kilt Girls are known for, while putting an emphasis on comfort and movability. Tilted Kilt tasked the Kilt Girl costume redesign project to Terra Saunders, owner and head designer at Waitressville Uniforms, who is known for her prolific work in the “eatertainment” industry.

“We have loved the Kilt Girl costume for so long, and it truly has become an iconic look,” said Torie Lynch, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Initiatives. “It was hard to imagine that an updated Kilt Girl costume could be better than the original, but once it was brought in to consideration we decided there were some areas that could be tweaked to enhance the sexy look while at the same time putting added effort into making it very comfortable to wear.”

The Kilt Girl costume has not seen a redesign since its inception a decade ago, making now a prime time for an update. The new design, while keeping with the core of the Kilt Girl look and ramping up the sexiness, was made with Kilt Girl comfort and movement in mind. To be a Kilt Girl one must be able to move freely around the pub to interact with guests, run food and serve drinks all while creating an entertaining atmosphere for every guest. Prior to the redesign, the costume featured eight pieces in total, including the bra top, tartan plaid skirt, slashing, socks, sporran, shoes and a pin. The new design includes only six pieces and features a new exclusively milled, premium fabric, making it lighter and easier to assemble. The update also proves to put a greater emphasis on the registered tartan plaid that has become synonymous with the Tilted Kilt brand.

“This redesign has been a year-long process with much consideration given to the comfort and feel for the Kilt Girl, but keeping in mind the iconic look that the world has come to know,” said Saunders. “I instantly knew when designing the new costume that the Kilt Girl needed a fresh look that was sexy, modern and sleek, but held on to the iconic look of years past. The new design will still tantalize Tilted Kilt’s clientele while complimenting the bodies of the Kilt Girls who wear it.”

Kilt Girls and Guys working at pubs with an opening date on and after April 15will be outfitted with the updated costume. Existing pubs will have the option of transitioning to the new costumes in July 2015, and every pub will make the switch by January 2016.

For more information on Tilted Kilt, visit http://www.tiltedkilt.com/

About Tilted Kilt

Tilted Kilt, known as “The Best Looking Sports Pub You’ve Ever Seen,” has 100 units in operation throughout the U.S. and Canada, with additional 20 pubs in various stages of development. Tilted Kilt is uniquely different than other sports bars because of its theme that combines Celtic décor, humorous and slightly bawdy limericks and sexy cast members with great food, drinks and a fun, entertaining atmosphere. The original restaurant concept was developed in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas in 2003. For more information, go to www.tiltedkilt.com.

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