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U.U.S. (Ugly Uniform Sydrome)


  We've all see it before... boring uniforms that are square shaped, bland and totally not appropriate.   At Waitressville we design fun and functional uniforms that aren't boring or ugly!

        EXAMPLE #1: Costumes- Yes, the model looks cute, but one shift in this outfit and your servers will grab their tips and hit the road!  Packaged costumes are not appropriate for real work.  They don't have the appropriate length, stretch or fit, nor are they able to be washed (and we know how important that is!)  They're expensive and meant only to last for one-time wear.


        EXAMPLE 2: Bad Fit-  It's easy to just choose a polo and call it a day.  Most of the polo styles are unisex fit and do nothing to flatter the female form.  Some have a high cotton content and loose their color quickly.  Ever have a new hire stand next to one of your current servers and see the striking difference in your formerly bright red polo. Not cute. Polos are one of the early symptoms of Ugly Uniform Syndrome.


        EXAMPLE 3:  BOOOORING- A t-shirt is just a t-shirt.  Although easy to wear, it doesn't give your brand any unique identity it deserves.  For years restaurants and sports bar servers have suffered with U.U.S. with these boring and overdone choices.  It's time to step up and upgrade from the usual t-shirt!


Don't be a victim of Ugly Uniform Syndrome!  Order Today!        








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